• Ana Maria & Andrei || Wedding Day

    9 Noiembrie 2016, 11:17:44
    Ana Maria & Andrei || Wedding Day

    Valery 3, Timisoara, Romania. Pe Ana o cunosc de foarte multi ani. Am revazut-o anul trecut pe cand fotografiam nunta unor prieteni comuni (Andreea & Flavius). Ea, impreuna cu Andrei,viitorul ei so... citeste tot

  • Andreea & Calin || Wedding Day

    10 Octombrie 2016, 14:59:25
    Andreea & Calin || Wedding Day

    Venue Events, Timisoara, Romania. Calin...the groom. I know him for a while... He was in the same class with my brother. Same High School with me :). Since they were older than me I didn't really g... citeste tot

  • Ana Maria & Adrian || Wedding Day

    26 Septembrie 2016, 11:05:59
    Ana Maria & Adrian || Wedding Day

    Restaurant Valery 3, Timisoara, Romania. It's been a while since I posted on the blog, so... I am doing this :). Today I am writing about Ana Maria and Adrian's wedding day. Pfuuu.. what a day! A ... citeste tot

  • Tobias Paul || Christening

    19 August 2016, 16:07:57
    Tobias Paul || Christening

    Taverna Pecicana, Arad, Romania. This is the first blog post about a christening :)... so I will let the pictures speak for themselfs. Enjoy! citeste tot

  • Irina & Vlad || Engagement & Wedding Day

    17 August 2016, 15:07:53
    Irina & Vlad || Engagement & Wedding Day

    Ramada Hotel, Bucharest, Romania. Bride & groom: Irina & Vlad. Location: Bucharest. Mission: Engagement & Wedding Day. Time: a couple of months ago :). When I first met Irina & Vlad on Skype I knew... citeste tot

  • Natalia & Catalin || Wedding Day

    4 August 2016, 14:45:50
    Natalia & Catalin || Wedding Day

    Domeniul Lupas, Arad, Romania. We knew from the start that Natalia's and Catalin wedding will be lot's of fun and not a regular traditional event. :D With guests from all over Europe, but from Roma... citeste tot

  • Loredana & Eugen || Wedding Day

    24 Iunie 2016, 16:49:16
    Loredana & Eugen || Wedding Day

    Sala Noblesse, Arad, Romania. First wedding of the year for Anghel Brothers. The excitement was on a high level for all four of us - Adrian Anghel, Ovidiu Bega the videographers and Cornel Putan an... citeste tot

  • Alexandra & Lucian || Trash the dress

    Herneacova, Timis. First blog post this year ... I think :). Anyway we started this years wedding season with a TTD photo session. Sandra & Lucian's wedding was last year and we finally met for thi... citeste tot

  • Adoria & Florin || Wedding Day

    19 Februarie 2016, 22:51:57
    Adoria & Florin || Wedding Day

    Venue-Events Restaurant, Timisoara, Romania. Ultima nunta a sezonului trecut a fost cea a a Adoriei si a lui Florin. Era pentru prima data cand fotografiam in cadrul Venue-Events...eram curios. Sa ... citeste tot

  • Silvia & Ovidiu || Wedding Day

    3 Februarie 2016, 11:59:40
    Silvia & Ovidiu || Wedding Day

    Complex-Restaurant Flonta, Giroc, Timis, Romania. Silvia & Ovidiu booked us in 2014. I remeber that we met with Ovidiu to discuss about the event and he knew straight away that we are the right tea... citeste tot